Ministry for Adults with Special Needs
4210 Altruria Rd, Ste. 116 Bartlett, TN 38135   ​(901) 438-6924

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Margaret Norton

Facilitator and Project Specialist

Our Mission

Friends of Faith Ministry, located in Bartlett TN, is a 501c3 ministry founded in October 2008 by a group of 25 parents seeking fun activities for their special needs children (ages 18 and over.)  We provide an all-inclusive facility for special needs individuals (of all faiths) who have a desire to fellowship with like friends of faith.

BeOur Best


Make a difference


Work Together

Steve Edwards

Facilitator and Project Specialist

  • Donation of meals for our weekly community lunch (approx.. 60 meals)​
  • Workshop items building supplies such as materials for crafts (i.e.: birdhouses, wind-chimes, seasonal yard signs, etc…)
  • Monetary donations, tax deductible estate planning annuities and yearly gifts
  • Craft supplies (i.e. acrylic paints, brushes, decorative materials
  • School supplies of any kind​

Bill Cooper

Founder and President

Our desire is for the individuals who come to Friends of Faith to reach their greatest level of independence, while learning social skills, strong work ethics and how to use their unique gifts and talents to the utmost – while having the best time doing so.

We are dedicated to spreading the Good News and reminding all visitors who stop by, that somebody loves them and somebody cares for them, no matter what their circumstance.   

Join Us

Friends of Faith Ministry

Rolando Sanchez
Facilitator and Project Specialist

How you can help 

Nellie Cooper

Facilitator and Project Specialist


Special Projects Program

Friends of Faith is the place to find or request that special item that will show just who you're rooting for no matter what season.

Hand crafted bird houses, yard signs, and other decorative items emblazoned with your favorite team's logo are produced right on the premises.  And no matter what the Holiday, we can create that special something to add an extra touch to the occasion.

Keeping the faith

Meet Our Team

Our trained leaders, with a combined 40 plus years experience with special needs, dedicated volunteers and devoted parents have made this the best activity program available for specials needs individuals in and around the Bartlett/Memphis/Cordova area. We'd love to have you!

Stephanie Holmes
Facilitator and Project Specialist

Patricia Cooper

Facilitator and Project Specialist